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Looking for personal training in Manchester? Professional personal trainers in Manchester and indeed across the country are already highly sought after and are on the rise. In the private gym at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer in Manchester, every client is treated as first priority.

Ollie has been running his private gym offering Personal Training in Manchester extremely successfully since 2002 and has even made appearances on TV and radio as a leading fitness expert.  Not only will a good, qualified personal trainer give you the right fitness advice but they will provide you with nutritional advice that you are able to use for the rest of your life.

Good personal trainers like Ollie can help you make changes to your lifestyle for a fitter, healthier and happier life. In many cases hiring a personal trainer can impact your lifestyle for the better in ways that a gym routine cannot. Of course there is much more to it, and, depending upon your own fitness goals a PT will tailor a special fitness programme for you and work with you to support you in achieving your goal. Some of the best personal trainers are those that care about people and Ollie is passionate about helping others accomplish their fitness goals.

Why choose Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer in Manchester?

There are whole list of reasons that make Ollie Lawrence stand out from other personal trainers in Manchester, but just a few of them are explained here:

Technique – Technique is a primary reason to turn to personal training and you would be shocked to know that even the most regular of gym goers may be using the wrong techniques.  On the one hand incorrect techniques render exercise ineffective and on the other hand it can lead to postural problems and even injuries. Good personal trainers will make sure that every stride, pull and rep is performed safely and effectively immediately.  Results are faster and injuries less likely to occur.

Motivation – When clients are asked the reason that they use personal trainers they have a tendency to state that motivation is their number one reason. Having the ability to motivate and keep clients motivated is a very important job for a personal trainer. Ollie imparts motivation in all his clients, he is supportive, understanding and most importantly he is honest because he wants his clients to feel good and hit every goal they set out to hit.

Privacy – Many people whether for weight concerns or other reasons do not feel comfortable in a public gym and privacy is a concerning factor; that’s exactly what a good PT will give you, privacy. Not only does this mean that the PT’s gym will be private but it also means that the clients’ fitness goals, if preferred for instance, are also kept private. Possibly, the most important reason for privacy is that any health concerns, injuries or other private matters are held in complete confidence with a personal trainer.

Booked Appointments – As a member of a gym you are more likely to skip a gym session than if you had booked privately with a personal trainer. Skipped gym sessions may make sense at the time but it does not motivate you to achieve your end goal.   A booked appointment with a personal trainer who is motivational in their approach is a session that is far less likely to be cancelled by you.

A Fitness Plan that Evolves – An exercise plan that evolves when your personal fitness levels increase is an exercise plan that will bring the most effective results not to mention alleviating potential boredom.  A personal trainer will ensure that the fitness programme you are following is the most effective and safest for your body, health and fitness abilities. Money Goes Further With a public gym it is normal to pay a monthly membership, although it is not always the case that gym memberships are used to their full potential. Only too often people will sign up and contract themselves into paying a monthly membership fee but barely use it.  Any session with a qualified personal trainer is money used wisely and to full effect.

Sports Science (Imparting Knowledge) – Your personal trainer has studied to get where they are today and that means they are savvy with a range of the latest advancements in sports science. A qualified personal trainer will understand Kinesiology structured programming and recovery and ensure that the best fitness plan is developed for you as an individual. A good fitness programme is developed especially to maximise the entire time you spend exercising with your trainer. Social From a social aspect banter and fun are the key to enjoyment and a good personal trainer such as Ollie will have a rapport with you and ensure you are enjoying yourself as well as being motivated!

Training with Ollie Lawrence Personal Training in Manchester means ensuring you get the most for your money whilst achieving your fitness goals and enjoying every session thoroughly. For more information about receiving your own nutrition plan and personal training in Manchester at Ollie Lawrence, get in touch via the number above or send us a message using the contact form below.

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