The PT Factory is a leading UK Personal Training and Lifestyle business with a reputation of being some of the best personal trainers in Manchester. As a business, Ollie and his team teach and mentor clients on how to improve their lives through their diet, exercise and by encouraging healthier lifestyle choices.

All clients train out of a specially designed and private gym located in Denton (junction 24 M60) allowing quick access to key motorway networks, making it ideal for personal training clients based in: Stockport, Cheshire, Tameside, Oldham, East Manchester, Ashton under Lyne, Stalybridge, Hyde and Manchester City Centre. Clients are taught either directly with a dedicated personal trainer (please see meet the trainers section on the website).

Looking for the right manchester personal trainer? Read how the team has helped hundreds of happy and fitter clients achieve their goals.







Unlike other personal trainers in Manchester, The PT Factory has opened a specialised private gym, creating a unique personal training environment, which is why our client success rate is so high. By having the facility that we do, Ollie and team can focus on you – educating and informing you, making sure you’re training correctly and ensuring optimal technique and intensity in order for you to hit your goals.

At The PT Factory, you train in private –  just one to one, so Ollie or one of the dedicated personal trainers can focus on you alone, taking away the stereotype or stigma of feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed that many people link with normal, public gyms.



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Client results using Ollie's PT
Before and After results with Ollie Lawrence PT
* As of 31st Jan 2019


Since the business was founded in 2010, The PT Factory have worked tirelessly to enhance their brand within the health and fitness industry. This includes regular slots on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Five Live. You can listen to one of the appearances below:

On a personal note, Ollie has worked in the USA for a short time in 2009 and trained professional American athletes. Furthermore, members of The PT Factory can boast working with a number of professional athletes and highly regarded clients alike, so no matter the trainer, you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands around with regards to personal training.

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I started training with Ryan to lose some weight pre-wedding, I have never been a fan of gym, and always preferred to run or swim. Ryan makes sessions enjoyable and challenging. The gym is always clean and has a great atmosphere. I even went back to training with Ryan post wedding!
I have been training with Andy since December and he is the best. He listened to exactly what I wanted to focus on and I’ve achieved what we set out too. His sessions push me which is exactly what I needed. He is knowledgable not just about fitness but nutrition too and always on hand with great recipes. If your looking to get in shape and get fit Andy is definitely the PT for you!
Training with Becky at The PT Factory has been both challenging & fun - a word I never thought I'd use in relation to exercise. I'm a 61year old, large lady who had 2 main aims - 1: to be able to get off the settee without huffing & puffing. 2: to complete the Manchester to Blackpool 60 mile cycle ride. Thanks to Becky's varied training routines, encouragement and sense of humour, I've achieved both. If I couldn't complete a particular exercise it was modified and then, over sessions, gradually altered until it was doable. The bike ride is complete but i will continue to train with Becky as I aim for new targets.
Joining a gym was the last thing I felt like doing after piling on the lbs. Around 40lbs to be honest. Over Christmas 2018 I had a good talk with myself, something had to change. Someone mention getting a personal trainer, after some research the Pt factory was at the top of a short list. I’ll never forgot that first visit, I hadn’t been in a gym for close on 20 years and nerves did try to get the better of me. Ollie soon put that to rest. From the start he made me believe that what seemed to me to be the impossible was going to be a reality. I’m now 6 months in and 30lbs down on where I was at Christmas with another 14lbs to go. Along with this my fitness has improved , I sleep better, I get less stressed at work. Down side though, I have needed to buy some new smaller clothes......which isn’t that bad.Ollie and his team are super professionals making all feel part of the PT Factory family. Their personal approach to training energises everyone that trains there. I can’t recommend this place enough. Thanks guys.
Alistair and I have been training at PT Factory for 13 months now and we both feel much fitter and have more strength. We enjoy going to see Mark our trainer as he is helpful and encouraging both with fitness and healthy eating.We also go to the gym on our own using the training that Mark has shown us. All the trainers are friendly and there is a great atmosphere in the gym.
Came in to film a promo for Ollie and his gym. Was blown away by the atmosphere, facilities and dedication of his team. There's an atmosphere you just don't get in bigger chains. Great business which I look forward to working with more in the future.
I knew immediately when I met Ollie that that this time it was different. After years of poor lifestyle choices, bad habits and many attempts to 'get fit' Ollie's no-nonsense approach and clear explanation of the importance of nutrition, diet and exercise meant that I finally understood what was required. 12 weeks later, more than 2 stones lighter, immeasurably fitter and healthier the blood pressure tablets are now in the bin. Ollie intuitively understands his clients, knows how to get the best out of you and matches your commitment to help you make lifestyle changes that are sustainable and long lasting. Working with Ollie has made a lasting impression on me, I don't know if it's saved my life, it has definitely extended it. I highly recommend Ollie.
It's always a pleasure training with Ollie as every session is a motivating and challenging workout. He is adept in pushing me an adequate amount during sessions so that I can see the difference in power, speed and agility after every training session. I enjoy how he keeps the sessions slightly different every time so it isn't monotonous although sometimes he'll surprise me with a hard exercise and I always feel proud of myself once I have accomplished it. Ollie is very encouraging and always comments on the progress I have made and has helped me greatly in achieving my goals. A delight to train with, would highly recommend!
Choosing to train with Ollie is certainly my best decision of 2015! I've only been going to Ollie's gym for 4 months but I can already see and feel a huge difference. I am fitter than I have been in years and Ollie has given me the confidence to train on my own as well as in the gym. It has to be said as well that Ollie is a great guy, really easy to get along with and makes working out fun (most of the time!) so I always look forward to my sessions.Would absolutely recommend Ollie to anyone on the fence about whether or not to give PT a go!


While most Manchester-based personal trainers work with clients in public gyms, the team The PT factory use one to one training sessions, typically 2-3 times per week, combined with a specifically designed nutrition plan. This simple but highly effective combination of exercise and diet is a proven formula for success. However, it is recognised that no 2 clients are the same and therefore all diets and programmes are specially created for each individual, and we work closely with you over the weeks to ensure they keep working for you.


All nutrition plans are individually written, unlike common nutrition guidelines that are handed out by other personal trainers and fitness instructors in Manchester, and use the latest in protein, carbohydrate and fat research combined with correct hydration levels. All clients receive plans and programmes that include food and drink recommendations with helpful tips to make simple changes that will improve the way you look and feel. For example, did you know that for every 35lb of body weight you should be drinking 1/2 litre of water to stay fully hydrated?



Personal trainers can be utilised for a number of different reasons, from weight loss to increased fitness, absolutely anyone can benefit from a personal trainer. The majority of our client base is made up of clients that have never stepped into a gym before and want to get fit whilst losing weight and toning up. However as previously stated no matter who you are, you can achieve better results with another person teaching and mentoring you, we have professional athletes and even other personal trainers currently training here that also learn a lot from our trainers.

Whether clients want to utilise their trainer for increased motivation, by knowing you have someone to count on, who isn’t going to cancel going to the gym when you’re tired and can’t find the motivation yourself, or you are looking for someone who has the qualifications and personality to teach you how to learn new skills and teach you about your body, there are many reasons to use the services of a personal trainer.

This is all dependant on your goal, but for weight loss and increased muscle tone for instance, whether you are male or female you will mainly doing a mixture of both free weight and cardio exercises. Many people, have the miss conception that lifting free weights will make your physic muscular and many people liken it to a body builder, this is completely false. Lifting weights the correct way with the correct technique (another reason to use a PT) will increase your metabolism and speed up the weight loss and improved muscle  tone process.
Again its all dependent on your individual goals, our trainers will work you out a specific nutrition plan, if you stick to your individual nutrition plan you will see sustainable results a lot quicker, in order to lose weight (seeing physical numbers dropping on the scales) then you must change your habits and changing your nutrition habits is big part of that to accelerate your results. Don’t worry though, we’ll teach you everything you need to know and mentor you along the way.
We book an hour out of our diaries for each client, but Typically a session lasts between 50 minutes to an hour, this includes a warm up, main session and cool down.
We don’t charge personal training sessions by the individual session, we do block bookings only, by doing this shows more commitment from both us as trainers and yourself as a client, we’re all about building good strong long lasting relationships.

Training sessions are available in blocks of either 8 sessions (2 a week) for £330 or 12 sessions (3 a week) for £440. Everyone renews their sessions typically every 4 weeks. We take either cash, bacs payment (online banking) or standing order payments, so we can accommodate all clients.

Typically a minimum of twice a week, some clients train three times a week, again it depends on personal circumstances with disposable income, but obviously the more regularly you train the better results you going to achieve with us. The reason why we train clients for a minimum of 2 weekly sessions is because especially with weight loss clients can go off the rails with their nutrition plans very quickly, so by us having regular contact with you, there is a higher chance of success with all clients.
See what our current and previous clients have to say about us and ill let them answer that question for you – Testimonials
Whatever you want, the sky is the limit, its all down to the individual and their goals, this whole process is personal to you, however it’s not uncommon to hear about success stories in the gym from clients losing 10 stone whilst another client completed the great north run at 64 years of age with a hip replacement. The team here are highly experienced and qualified to help you achieve any individual goals you may have, all you have to do is work out what you want to achieve and let us work out how were going to achieve it together!
No Ollie will contact you typically within 24 hours from you enquiring and decide which trainers skill set is best suited to you achieving your goals. Once that process has taken place, Ollie will speak with the individual trainer he thinks is best suited to your goals and ask them to call you (normally the same day) and book you in with them as all of the trainers here run their own diaries. Once you are booked in with your trainer, you would typically meet your chosen trainer for a consultation. Whichever trainer Ollie chooses for you to achieve your goals is your chosen trainer and you will soon start to build up a great relationship together as you start working together to change your life!


In your 30 minute free consultation, we can discuss your goals, experience and preferred training schedule. This also gives you a chance to ask any questions that you have before going forward. So, if you’re looking for a team of professional personal trainers in Manchester that can help you achieve your goals, fill out a consultation form below or call The PT Factory on 0161 399 00 77.