10 Tips to Find the Perfect Personal Trainer

So, you have decided to take the next step in your fitness journey and finally reach those goals. Exciting right? At the PT factory, we keep you motivated and on track with your weekly workouts, giving them a boost, keeping them fresh and exciting, all whilst seeing those important gains.

I know what you are thinking, how do I choose the right PT? Here are our top 10 tips to make sure you pick the PT which is right for you.


Have they got REPs? (and not the kind you are thinking of…) Most personal trainers will be part of REPs, short for Register of Exercise Professionals. REPs is a membership for exercise professionals in the UK and recognises qualifications and expertise. If they are not part of REPs make sure they are certified by a recognised body such as YMCA.


You know what they say about practice, it makes perfect. A well-established trainer will have heaps of knowledge, they more than likely will know what makes their clients tick and help you to make the most out of every workout. So, unless you want a fresh-faced trainer and are okay with being tested on, it might be best to resist the discounts and go for an experienced trainer.


What makes you tick? Do you like to be screamed at, and not just by your shaking legs as you finish your last round of squats? Or do you prefer those positive reaffirmations, “you’ve got this”? Whatever floats your boat talk to the trainer find whether their way of teaching fits in with you. After all, if you hate your personal trainer, I mean those gains will never happen..


Maybe something you wouldn’t have thought about, how does the trainer develop their program? Do they like to repeat the same each week, will they mix it up a bit? Will it be in a gym, or out in nature? Make sure this reflects what you want from your workout, do you like structure or do you thrive in new environments and change? If you love what they stand for you are more likely to stick to the program.


Before picking your personal trainer, think about your end goal, it is just to be generally fitter, to lose a few pounds? Or do you want to hit those weights and smash your squat PB? If you are looking for something specific its best to pick a trainer who’s forte lies in that area. Not only will they have oodles of knowledge, but the chances are they will be just as passionate as you and will urge and help you to go above and beyond your goals.


Hourly rates can massively vary from trainer to trainer depending on their experience, speciality, location and certifications. Sit down and have a think about your budget before going on the hunt to find your perfect trainer. There is nothing worse than finding a seemingly perfect trainer and then you see the price, and uh-oh back to square one. Thinking about your budget helps to narrow down the field, and then you won’t be disappointed either, it’s a win, win. Some trainers may even offer discounts for buying in bulk so it is best to check for any deals they may have.


Consistency and reliability are key when working with a trainer, it is a good idea to get a feel for their schedule. How many clients do they have? How flexible are they? How far in advance do you need to book? What is the cancellation policy? All of this will help to build up an image to find out whether their way of working works for you. Do you like to have set days and times for your workout? Or are you more flexible with this? Double check and make sure they can work around your schedule.


There is a trainer for every type of location you can think of! Think about your preferences, are you willing to drive across town, or do you need something within walking distance? Where do you like to train, are you an avid gym goer, do you prefer to be in nature or in a one-to-one studio setting or even in the comfort of your own home? You need to think about where you feel most inspired and motivated to work out!


It’s all about those gains right? As well as creating a personalised program for you, your trainer needs to have a way of tracking your progress so, most importantly, you can see your hard work paying off. Marking your achievements such as weight loss and PB’s are not only motivating and help you to meet your goals but also reassures you that they are doing their job. Find out how they track the progress of the clients and make sure it is delivered in a way which motivates you!


What’s the word on the street? Are their clients referring their mates, and most importantly are they meeting and exceeding their goals? Trainers will be thrilled to tell you their clients success stories, not only is this proof that they can take you to where you want to be, but it shows that the trainer is passionate about delivering their clients needs.

A lot to take in right? Although you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed and maybe a bit scared of choosing a personal trainer. The most important thing is to make sure that you look for a personal trainer which is the right fit for you! Trust your gut and go for it!

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