Core training refers to targeted exercise and conditioning techniques designed to strengthen and tone your ‘core’ – also known as the abdominal area. The core reaches right around the mid-section of your torso and includes muscles on the front, back and sides of the body including the obliques, lower lats and traverse abdominis. Over the years this type of training has had many names – including abdominal training and ab work.

But whatever the title suggests, essentially the practice remains the same – focusing on this central group of muscles, employing techniques designed to tone and develop them for greater strength and stamina.

How can it help me?

Core training is a great accompaniment to any exercise regime, as it strengthens one of the most important areas of the body. This has a positive knock-on effect, as it enables greater flexibility and mobility overall when doing other exercises.

The core is the body’s centre of power. Training designed to work this specific area is crucial, because it keep the whole body strong. There are lots of smaller, less significant muscles in this area that you have probably never heard of – but as you work these muscles in different ways and at different angles you’ll discover how beneficial this type of training can be.

As we live more sedentary lifestyles, core training really comes into its own. It can also improve common issues such as lower back pain and poor posture. Many people sit for large portions of the day which weakens the abdominal muscles, causing ill effects in the long-term. Working your core can combat many of the issues that accompany an office job or large portions of the day spent sitting at a desk.

Benefits of core training include:

  • Reduced risk of injury to major parts of body such as your back
  • Improved posture
  • Increased in muscle strength
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased muscle endurance

Who is core training best suited to?

Core training can be beneficial for anyone looking to tone up and strengthen their core. It is versatile and accessible – suitable for all ages and abilities.

Keeping the body supple and stable can benefit everyone. In addition to enhancing your fitness and overall strength it can even help with everyday tasks and keep you healthier for longer. It also strengthens the back, which minimises the risk of injury and pain.

Where someone has existing injury or back pain core training may not be suitable or may need to be adapted to your needs. This is why professional support is always recommended, to ensure that you get the most out of your exercise regime and avoid injury.

Variety is also key when it comes to core training. You need an expert with a wealth of knowledge who can incorporate the right exercises at the right time – working muscles you never knew you had!

This type of training is almost always incorporated into comprehensive fitness and training programmes. At The PT Factory we design personalised training plans for each of our clients, combining a unique blend of different training techniques suited to their needs.

Why train at The PT Factory?

At The PT Factory we do things differently. Our fully equipped, dedicated private gym is specifically designed to ensure that our clients have the best possible environment to help them reach their goals. With over ten years’ experience our expert instructors have helped hundreds of people to achieve their fitness goals – from losing weight for a wedding to training for a big event.

Call us on 0161 399 0077 or fill out the quick enquiry form  to book your free, 30-minute consultation with one of our expert team. We’ll take the time to listen to your goals and learn about your lifestyle. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have.






I've been a member of the PT Factory for almost 12 months now. There is always a great atmosphere and plenty of equipment to use.With the doors open 24/7 this offers great flexibility for those early mornings or late nights.Ollie and his team run a great gym and I wouldn't look anywhere else.😁
The PT Factory is the best gym I've been to. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere is brilliant. Everyone supports each other. No judgement from anyone. I always feel at ease when I go.I've been training there since November 2022 and I will not go to another gym now.Ollie my PT is so encouraging and always knows how to keep me enthused in my workout and push myself that little bit more
I was always a little sceptical about having a Personal Trainer but after a running accident during the summer I decided to take a different route to my fitness.Ollie has been my PT for nearly 3 months now and has guided me in a fun and professional manner. From lessons in nutrition through to losing weight and building muscle I have enjoyed my time at the PT Factory.The gym has all the modern amenities and equipment required to keep fit and all the staff are friendly and welcoming.I intend to continue using the PT Factory for a long time yet as it is well worth the membership paid.- Dean R
Really friendly atmosphere, not like the big commercial gyms at all. Everyone wants you to succeed, whatever your goals are. People of all body types go to train and never once heard any negative comments.Worked with Adam myself and stuck with it for 8 months now, longer than I ever would have on my own. Really good motivator. Dropped two jeans sizes and have had lots of comments on looking better from friends and family.Is it cheap? No.Does it work? Yes.It's an investment in yourself and you'll see the returns.
Very friendly and supportive trainers who are always happy to help. Great gym, the equipment often changing keeping it fresh.I really enjoy coming here, you feel like part of the team from the very first time. 24hr access is great 👍
Would highly recommend the PT Factory to anyone who wants to start getting fit and losing weight but doesn’t know where to start, Ollie and the team made me feel welcome from the second I walked in and have created a nice and friendly environment in the gym, always motivating and encouraging me to reach my goals! The gym is always clean and the equipment is top notch and well maintained!
Fantastic gym with great facilities. All the equipment is high-end and in great condition, Ollie really has put a lot into the gym and it definitely shows. The gym has a great atmosphere, would highly recommend joining if you are looking for a new place to workout!
I started coming to The PT Factory a few months ago and all I can say is that I absolutely love this gym! It has such a great atmosphere made even better by all the PTs being so friendly and welcoming. My sessions with Ollie are fab; he motivates and pushes me - especially when it’s been a long day at work or if I’m ‘not feeling it’ and the hard work is paying off as I feel fitter and stronger 💪🏻. A great selection of cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights with lots of space to train. I’d 100% recommend this gym to anyone of any ability - you’ll definitely get a warm welcome and soon feel a part of The PT Factory gym community. Go sign up!
I am a personal trainer at The PT Factory and am loving every second of it!The environment in the gym is always positive and all the trainers have been amazing supporting and helping me on my journey!Ollie has been really helpful with me and has took me under his wing and given me more support than I could imagine!I love working at The PT Factory and hope to be here for many years!
A great atmosphere with friendly approachable staff. The gym is immaculate with a great range of equipment.I would definitely recommend PT Factory to other's.
Amazing gym, has top of the range equipment and great facilities. The fully qualified trainers are polite and very knowledgeable. 24 hour access makes it easy to train whenever and not get in the way of your day to day. Highly recommended
Great little place to get your workout done. Clean, friendly and has good, up-to-date equipment for cardio and strength work. Would recommend to anyone local.


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