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Personal trainers in Manchester based at Ollie Lawrence are regularly involved with great charities.

Charity causes supported and entered by Ollie and his team of personal trainers in Manchester include assault courses and marathons along with other fitness fundraising events.

Ollie Lawrence and is team are not just individually involved in these events though.  Recently,  these highly trained, professional PTs  have been preparing some of their female client’s for the Race For Life run.

Several months ago regular clients, Maisy, Viv and Steph decided to join together to become a strong collective force to fight breast cancer. In doing this, the girls, now regulars with the team of personal trainers in Manchester based at Ollie Lawrence asked Ollie directly for his support and of course he gave it straight away!

Race For Life is the largest female-only event to take place in the UK and 5K runs are happening across the UK this October. Race For Life are a range of 5k runs held to raise critical funds to promote awareness and aid in the fight against breast cancer. The monies raised from these type of events, typically go towards the wider provisions of; chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone and targeted therapies.

Race for Life personal trainers manchester

Race For Life in Manchester

On 25th October 2013 at 7pm Ollie’s clients are  joining the Race For Life group congregating at Boggart Hole Clough Manchester. The Boggart Hole 5k twilight fun run sees participants from surrounding areas gathering together to show cancer who is boss.

Ollie and his team of personal trainers in Manchester are proud to be supporting their girls and confident they will complete the run in exceptional time!

If you are interested in becoming involved in this fight against breast cancer please click here for details.

Personal Trainers in Manchester based at Ollie Lawrence are able to help you achieve your health and fitness goals quickly. Ollie Lawrence himself also firmly believes in equipping his client’s with nutritional and life changing advice for the future.

To find out more regarding these highly qualified personal trainers click here or call 07540 135814 and speak to Ollie directly.

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