“You are what you eat” says Personal Trainer Andy Hughes

Everyday we are continually helping clients lose phenomenal amounts of weight/ increasing Lean muscle and helping individuals feel better about themselves at Ollie’s Manchester gym. So we’ve heard a fair few ideas of what people think good nutrition to be and they differ massively. If you start to introduce these 30 foods into your everyday diet, you will start to benefit no matter what your goals.

Whether you want to achieve fat loss, muscle building or most importantly good health, these foods will point you in the right direction when looking to achieve your individual goals.

To help you along with the lines of nutrition we have included 30 foods that should be on your shopping list, these are below for 30 foods that should be on your shopping list!!

1. Chicken
3. Lean Steak
4.Quality Lean bacon
5. Lean Sausage
6. Salmon
7. White cod
8. Broccoli
9. Kale
10. Spinach
11. Eggs
12. Chilli’s
13. Pepper (any colour)
14. Sweet Potato
15. Tomatoes
16. Parsnips
17. Pear
18. Apples
19. Pineapples
22. Nuts no added salt or sugar
23. Seeds sunflower or pumpkin
24. Cottage Cheese
25. Dark Chocolate
26. Hummus
27. Natural yogurt
28. Green tea
29. Blueberries
30. Watermelon

Remember always go for quality over quantity when buying your food and nutrition, you only have one body, look after it and it will look after you. Ideally source your meats/fruits and veg locally so you know exactly where it’s coming from rather than spending money at the larger supermarkets, not only is it cheaper, but generally it’s better for you.

A few little easy nutrition changes are below regarding many clients diets we normally see;

Use eggs and oats for breakfast instead of cereal or breakfast bars.

Add sweet potato, basmati rice and leafy greens into your diet instead of all forms of pasta and bread.

Introduce green tea and water into your everyday fluid intake and use these to replace coffee and tea.

Choose dark chocolate (70% cocoa+) and alkaline fruit (apples, kiwi and pineapple) instead of sweets and milk chocolate that are currently in your diet.

Obviously this is a very simple breakdown of nutrition and a lot more is taken into consideration with regards to a client’s individual needs and goals at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester. However, if you replace these foods with the ones recommended you’re already on the right track and on the pathway to greater health. Obesity and diabetes are at its highest in the UK ever, don’t become part of that statistic and make the charge today.

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