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As previously stated at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester, carbohydrates are what our bodies use first for energy to keep us alive.There are 2 different types of carbohydrates, this blog is all about one of them fast release.

Fast release carbohydrates are consumed for quick releases of energy, in its simplest form quick release carbohydrates are sugar, this type of carbohydrate maybe otherwise known as simple carbohydrates as opposed to fat release but they mean the same thing. Simple carbohydrates are broken down quickly by the body to be converted to energy. Simple carbohydrates are found naturally in foods such as fruit and milk. However the main sources of these foods are man-made and processed refined sugars such as chocolate, table sugar, syrups, and soft drinks, these types of food are banned in Ollie Manchester Gym.

Fast release carbohydrates are the quickest form of energy to the body, as they contain high amounts of refined sugar. In normal circumstances fast release carbohydrates are very bad for the body especially with weight loss or fat loss. They are designed to give the body a quick increase of energy and increase the insulin levels within your blood, thus only being effect for short burst of energy.

Fast release carbohydrates won’t keep you full and will ultimately have a negative effect on your goals when planning long term e.g. Weight loss. However this type of carb does have its place in our lives depending on what activities we are doing throughout the day.

With fast release carbohydrates designed to give us a quick release of energy they are perfect to load up on at an event like a 5 a side football match or rugby game as they will give the body extra energy to improve performance. Moreover many professional sports teams use high sugar sports drinks and items such as jelly babies and fruit pastels to improve their energy levels during a hard game or physical training session. This technique isn’t new or revolutionary as throughout history many sports teams have used a ‘half time orange’ and they were full of high amounts of natural sugar, hence those gaining increased levels of energy over a short time period.

Using fast release carbohydrates over a sustained period of time will bring many negatives to the body, so they are only advised to be used on one off events and not for everyday consumption. It’s scientifically proven that, with raised insulin blood levels (from high sugary foods) your body won’t burn fat as effectively when you are in the gym. Moreover you will feel tired and lethargic as blood sugar levels drop and you’ll feel hungrier and have cravings for food a lot quicker, furthermore causing a problem with diabetes later in life.

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At Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester we teach all of our clients that you can tell if a food is a fast release carbohydrate by the nutritional values outlined on food packaging. Nutritional values of food has become standard government law on all foods, but if you are struggling with finding out nutritional information then using an app called ‘my fitness pal’ will help with this information, at Ollie Lawrence Personal Training Stockport we have a lot of clients using this app every day.

The stated daily guided amount set out by the government is 90g of sugars a day. The lower amount of sugar you eat a day the better, but do your best not to consume over 90g of sugar daily. Otherwise you are prone to things such as diabetes and ultimately obesity.

To find out more about nutritional information or to how the body works click here


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