Does one minute of exercise have the same effect as coffee?


First of all let me apologise to anyone who was listening in to my radio interview on BBC radio 5 live this morning. We at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester don’t make a habit of changing things last minute. I was scheduled to speak on the phone at 6.20am this morning with Rachael Burden, unfortunately this didn’t happen as they pulled the feature at the last minute. I was there with a page full of A4 notes ready to speak about the subject matter.

The subject I was set to comment on was the headline title of this blog. Instead of going on air and speaking to millions I thought id blog about the subject instead so I didn’t waste the 30mins it took to make the notes and moreover so anyone that is interested in the subject matter would get my thoughts on the subject anyway.
Coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine, this is what helps the body to wake up in the morning, however by using caffeine products regularly it can have a negative effect on the body long term. In my opinion you should never go against the body’s natural process of sleep and not use a stimulant to keep you awake.

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 By using a stimulant such as caffeine you will have a crash of energy and concentration later in the day. To regain this concentration and focus your body will need more caffeine, and the cycle continues with your bodies energy and alertness levels peaking and then dropping. Long term effects of caffeine can be serious with caffeine raising the heart rate, ultimately adding extra pressure to the heart. In very serious cases it had been known for individuals to have a heart attack when overdosing on caffeine!
 With exercise for just 30 seconds to a minute a day, you will naturally raise the heart rate, increase blood flow and circulation whilst furthermore increasing endorphins, letting your body wake up naturally as opposed to using a stimulant.
 I would always recommend to all clients to use exercise as a natural way to wake up and stay alert rather than using stimulants.
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