2014 and a new you!

Firstly, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a successful 2014, January is always the ‘new me’ month, however here at Manchester’s fastest growing Personal Training business we want  you to start taking these steps every day of your life and not just as a new year resolution.

Now that Christmas is out of the way and all of the turkey and chocolates have been put away for another year, the festivities have probably left with you with more than just presents. YES, I’m talking about that extra weight that has crept on through Christmas.

All humans are prone to gaining weight around the festive season, men’s areas of predominantly the mid drift, as that’s where extra fat stores on men due to our hormones. Women are prone to fat gain in their backside and back of the arms, thus meaning you are not alone in having this problem! Right let’s get down to some top tips to burn fat quickly and effectively and introduce you to the new you!!

Welcome to my world!

Getting in shape and losing that spare tyre is all to do with nutrition and becoming more active. There is no easy way of getting rid of unwanted weight; nutrition combined with exercise is the only thing that can make you fat or thin.

Like me, you will have heard all different stories as everyone claims to be a weight loss expert, from your neighbour to your best friend. I’ve experienced all sorts of diets and quick fix schemes throughout my career but the answer is simple.

There isn’t any quick fix or secret, is you need to pick healthier choices food and exercise wise, get off the bus stop a stop early and use the stairs instead of the lift at work, all of these little things all add up to one big thing ‘the more healthier version of you!’

In order to loose physical weight, you need to use up 3,500 extra calories per lb of fat, all that a calorie is a unit of energy, and we all burn them and take them in, every day. Food to our body is energy, like adding coal to a train. If a train doesn’t have coal in it, it won’t go! So if we don’t put food into our bodies your metabolism won’t burn fat effectively, food is your friend not enemy! It just depends which food groups you are eating.


Your metabolism, is how quickly our bodies turn calories into energy production, everything you eat and drink except for water has a calorie number attached with it.

Depending on how quickly your metabolism works depends on how quickly your body uses food as energy. It doesn’t matter how fast and slow your metabolism may be, we can all accelerate them (and burn fat more effectively), by eating little and often, and becoming more active using a mixture of body weight/free weight and cardio vascular exercise.

As previously stated to lose weight then you need to cut out 3,500 calories per lb of fat, the easiest way of losing fat is to simply eat less or eat more of the right things more often. Here comes the maths  if there are 7 days in a week , to lose 1 lb a week you need to make a deviate of 3,500 calories, to lose 2 lbs a week you need to make a deviate of 7,000 calories and so on. If you split the 3,500 calories over a week that’s 500 calories a day, in lemans terms you cut out 500 calories a day either through your nutrition or exercise then you’ll lose weight! See its not rocket science once its broken down easily.

Now let’s think about the how the human body works and how we have evolved as human beings as far as good nutrition choices are concerned. Way back when, rivers weren’t filled with coke, but water, which is better for us? That’s right water. Moreover we all hear that protein is good for us and maintains muscle, and what’s full of protein? Animal Meat and fish and what did we hunt and eat as cave men?  You’ve got it animals and fish!

There weren’t any fast food places back then and did you see many fat people compared to today? If you think everything that is good for us (vegetables, salad, nuts, fruit) is all natural, if you can pick it off a bush or pull out of the ground then it helps us to maintain and lose fat depending on how big our portion sizes are.

You can start thinking about how you’re eating can improve by making just little steps, by using some of my theories. Not only will you improve your atheistic look,  but furthermore you’ll feel better within yourself, decreasing extra stress on internal organs. Please find these 7 easy nutrition tips get you started;

The 7 Easy food swaps

7 bad foods swapped with alternatives that will burn fat fast.

  1. Beef Burger on white bread swap with Turkey or Chicken burger without the Bread.
  2. Any fizzy drink swap with Water (3 litres daily target).
  3. Milk Chocolate Bar swap with Dark chocolate or higher {e247ef2f99dfc0bc75e074b1ac933c200478cf8913d2da2bbe9d5daddf1eb195} of coco.
  4. Chips swap with new potatoes or sweet potatoes.
  5. White pasta swap with Wholemeal pasta.
  6. Full English breakfast  swap with scrambled eggs and 2 wholemeal toast.
  7. Crisps swap with apple, pineapple, kiwi.

Please look over previous blogs for more in depth information regarding nutrition and what roles certain food groups play within our bodies. Good luck and have a prosperous 2014.

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