So it’s January !

Have patience and do you trust the process?  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The gyms are packed full of bodies furiously peddling cross trainers/pounding treadmills in a frantic effort to sweat out the effects of the previous fortnight of mince pies, chocolates, alcohol, puddings, buffets and general over indulgence.  Friends asking advice as to which latest celebrity home workout DVD I’d recommend to go with their super low calorie ‘weight loss’ diet of lettuce and fresh air (much the opposite of my advice, but what do I know! Huh?) My response is – they all work…but you have to un-wrap them, switch on the DVD player and use them more than twice.

Ooof it’s hard work this fitness lark.


We all know that as a tradition the majority of “New  year, new me” – ers   ( We all know one) are the exact group of people who give up a couple of weeks into their resumed fitness regime after not seeing immediate results. 
 So why is this?

Usually it’s due to a lack of a basic understanding how the body works, responds, insufficient support and frankly a lack of commitment.
Obviously the all in one solution to this is to hire a personal trainer whose job it is to provide all of the above.

However, working with a coach is a two- way deal.  We aren’t Harry potter and we don’t have a magic wand. It’s a relationship, it really is, it has to work both ways, with both parties giving their best. Sometimes there has to be an element of compromise. There has to be commitment from both sides,   continually striving towards the mutual goal. So communication with your trainer is essential. If you aren’t sure of something, ask.

The first mistake in wanting weight loss results fast is that people want weight loss results fast.

The second is wanting   to “just tone up a bit” by just doing long bouts of cardio on a stupid low/no food “diet”.

Yes, cardio is a tool for fat loss however it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Educate yourself on the correct nutrition for your goal, incorporate resistance training. Ask for help. Nobody knows everything about everything.  If you’re going to listen to anyone for advice at least  make sure they’re a fitness/nutrition professional in some capacity. Not your friend’s neighbour’s cousin who heard through the grapevine that bananas can kill you, avocado makes you fat and Cola is perfectly acceptable for weaning from a baby bottle (Yep! I saw it with my own eyes!)
Have patience and trust the process.

You will lose weight if you suddenly are more active and are consuming fewer overall calories than before.  Calories in vs calories out.  Simple.  But what happens is, people soon lose interest after a few weeks of lettuce eating and treadmill plodding  (because it’s boring as hell!) You don’t have to do that!  It isn’t sustainable and likely results in re gaining the fat/weight  which was initially lost.

So they give up not realising or learning that all they have to do is eat smart, train smart.  Simple.
Stay strong folks.


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