5 ways to build arm muscle more efficiently

Gaining muscle is usually approached in a holistic manner – after all, the ideal is gaining evenly all over as you progress. But everyone is unique – and sometimes certain areas need more work than others. Often the arms can be neglected – but building strength and condition here can help your overall fitness and core physique. In today’s blog we share a few key tips to consider if you’re focusing on bulking up the arms and shoulders.

Variety and versatility are key

It’s easy to focus on just one or two arm exercises at a time, alternating at intervals between a set repertoire. But even arm gains require a holistic and varied range of exercises which work all muscle groups – not just the most obvious like biceps or triceps. Adding different reps to your arsenal ensures strong, well-rounded arms with integrity and a solid core structure to build upon. Incorporate a wide range of exercises including bodyweight and free weights strength training. Think a blend including classic exercises such as press ups, curls, dips and extensions alongside less conventional techniques.

Be specific and tailor workouts to you

There’s no ‘ideal arm workout’ we can share with you. Contrary to what Men’s Health will have you believe, fitness formulas are never one size fits all. Even if you find a crib sheet online and follow it religiously, you still may not get the look or tone you require. Certain techniques may work well for you, others won’t.

It’s incredibly important to consult a professional to understand how your body needs to be worked with, and which specific exercises can help you to meet your unique objectives. Speak to us today about tailored workout plans and one to one personal training designed to help you to achieve your individual goals.

Rest properly

With arms it’s tempting to go crazy and train as much as possible – hitting the same muscle groups each and every day. The problem with this is that muscles need time to recover – tiny tears made each time you work out have to heal. Working out day upon day will actually slow down your progress. Leave at least one to two days of rest between intensive arm workouts – and be sure to cycle between different reps to ensure balanced muscle building. Focus on maximum efficiency rather than trying to do everything all at once.

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