Top 10 tips for getting to your top fitness level

1. Planning

Planning is KEY! At Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester we write a individual nutrition programme specially for you to aid your goals using specific and measurable targets complemented by the one on one training you do in the Manchester gym. Insuring you have something to stick to and work towards, thus becoming easier to motivate yourself and seeing progress along your journey.

2. Preparation

Prepare your meals in advance. Nutrition is just as, if not more important than training. If your diet is off, there is no way you can achieve your peak condition. If you have a busy schedule, work long hours, or have many commitments… Organise your meals the night before.

3. Dedication

Stick to the plan… If you miss a session, make time to catch it up. Once you skip one session it becomes easier or habit to skip 2 or 3 and then the likelihood of giving up completely becomes more likely!

At Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer we expect a minimum of one session per week along with additional workouts set to do elsewhere. Think you’re up to the challenge?

4. Healthy heart

Why do loads of hours of endless cardio, damaging the joints and wasting time when you could burn off double the amount of calories doing HIIT (high intensity interval training). Here, at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer we use the latest training trends to get you the results you want faster and the body you’ve always dreamed of!

5. Cheat

Part of planning and nutrition is scheduling ‘cheat meals’ and days off. If you have a party or special occasion… Plan for it, think ahead. Leading a healthy lifestyle should be a way of life not just for a short period of time. Balance is key, if you can’t have the occasional ‘cheat’ meal or night out the likelihood of binging becomes more likely.

6. Variety

Mix up your training sessions. If you start to plateau it’s time to change. Here at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Stockport we do this by changing exercises, rep ranges, number of sets, rest periods, set type. EVERY WORKOUT IS DIFFERENT. We want you to apply variety to your diet too and don’t go off an “eat this and that” type of motto.

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7. Realism

Now, everyone has different fitness levels and body types. That’s why when you tell us your goals we plan the workouts achievable for you to do. Simple things like building “core” strength which helps with everyday life comes to mind.

8. Adapt

If you have an injury or area of weakness then seek a professional to help with the recovery process, rather than do nothing or damage the area further. Same goes with your diet. If you’re feeling sluggish and tired then implement an extra meal or an energy snack etc.

9. Mindset

THINK POSITIVE…simple! Don’t let negative people or vibes inside your head, you can achieve whatever you want to, your destiny is in YOUR hands, we’ll teach and mentor along the way obviously.

10. Knowledge

Everyday you’ll learn something new. Whether in the workplace or at home. Same goes for the gym, you’ll learn off others around you or at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer. Ollie tells us all that he’s still learning everyday now. Simple things like hydration, alkaline foods, detox ingredients and energy providing foods to make sure you’re getting the best results possible, all of these small things add up to a main goal.

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