Carole Speaks about her experience at Ollie Lawrence Personal Training

Carole came to us in July 2013 when she was looking for a Personal Trainer in Stockport to help her with her health issues and improve her overall fitness, read what she has to say below of her experience.

I started training in July 2013 usually 3 times a week with Ollie at his private gym in Manchester. Unfortunately, I’m not the ideal client, during that time I’ve been on 2 all inclusive holidays, weekends away and still maintained a hectic social life. So dieting has been very hit and miss, however I have worked hard and been dedicated to my training. So far I have achieved a weight loss of 22lb but most importantly my angina has improved immensely. Before I started training I was having an angina attack at least once a week. I was turned away fro many trainers and many gyms, a lot of trainers didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to take on such a project. Since July I have have only had 2 angina attacks, both in extreme cases of heat. I can wholehearted put this down to the fact that my fitness has increase dramatically and I have achieved my excellent personal results. My training session are never boring or routine, Ollie and his team are very knowledgable and very passionate about their job! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer to anyone who is suffering with poor health, weight loss or seeking to improve their life – thank you. 

Carole Melia*

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the amount of training they apply

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