Manchester personal trainer explains why drinking water aids in weight loss

Along with nutrition, water is singularly the most important thing when it comes to either losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

At Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester it isn’t all about losing weight alone, current clients use our training methods to improve a number of areas within their lives. In fact, keeping the body hydrated and drinking the correct amount of water constitutes one third of a person achieving their fitness goals (whatever they may be) along with balancing this with the correct nutrition and exercise.

How Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester see it, is that everybody has a training triangle when they first embark on their fitness programme. The training triangle comprises of nutrition and water; this sits at the bottom of the triangle and your ‘foundations’ with exercise are positioned at the top of the triangle.

We at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester compare this to building a house, if the foundations of a house are useless then that house will fall down. Similarly, if your diet and water intake is useless / poor then you won’t achieve the goals that you set out for yourself; your foundations are critical in everything you want to achieve.

Maintaining a ‘healthy’ weight is an area that is massively under rated in the opinion of Ollie and his personal trainers in Manchester, it is so important to the body for a many reasons not only are they found in this article but they are also found on the NHS article ‘water and drinks’ click here.

Yo-yo dieting is a big ‘no no’ and people that yo-yo diet, don’t only have the problem of their weight fluctuating, but, moreover are more disturbingly faced with problems from their internal major organs. The body’s vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys get used to functioning with body weight at a certain level and are forced to work harder when weight is gained, ultimately putting these organs under stress. One of the best and healthiest ways of maintaining and losing weight is by keeping the body hydrated.

Many of us already know that we should be drinking 2-3 litres of water a day, but no one really knows the specific reasons as to why, however, at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester the science behind the practice is fully broken down for a clear understanding.

The simplest explanation for this recommended water intake is that the human body is full of ‘toxins’ which are acidic, naturally the human body wants to be as ‘alkaline’ as possible to function to its best potential.


Water neutralises Acid Particles

Acid particles are found in the food and drink we consume but because the human body ‘seeks to be’ alkaline; the only way to change acid into alkaline is via water which neutralises it. Water neutralises everything; when there are acid or toxins within the body then water will also be present in the body neutralising those acids, hence the term ‘water retention’. Your body is simply retaining any excess water to neutralise the acid within it. Water weighs heavy and shows up on the scales!

By simply drinking 2-3 litres of water a day, your body is flushing all of the toxins out of the body through your waste product (when you go to the toilet). This way your body doesn’t need to hold on to any excess water to neutralise the acid, as there aren’t any acid particles within the body because you have flushed it all out with the increased water intake.It is not unusual to see dramatic weight loss in someone’s first week of training (anywhere from 4lbs to 14lbs can often be just water retention) after changing to an improved diet due to the amount of acid within their body which is being flushed out with the new intake of regular water consumption.

Now you understand how people drop staggering amounts of weight on TV shows in their first few weeks, this is purely down to how much acid was present in their body from the beginning.

Here at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester our healthy lifestyle and improved diets are about getting a better acid/alkaline balance within the body, its served us very well in the past and we continue to use the very latest in science with regards to nutrition and water. To find out more about how you can improve your health, diet and weight please click here or contact Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester on 0161 399 00 77.

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