“Useful Calories” by Personal Trainer Amber


Useful Calories.

“ But it’s only 90 calories”.
 “It says fat free on the label”.
 “ It’s a breakfast biscuit, are they not healthy?”.

If I had a pound for every time I had a conversation regarding “Healthy” “Low fat” “Low calorie” packaged foods I could probably start considering a comfortable retirement!  Ok, I’m exaggerating   but I’m often shocked at how little knowledge people (proper grown- ups) have of basic food groups these days. After all, eating is something we do on a daily basis for the duration of our whole lives!

When clients come to me the very first thing I make clear is that their nutrition is the foundation of their results, be it fat loss, or muscle gain.  You could spend all your waking hours training at Ollie Lawrence studio with me if you like, but unless you correct your nutrition to suit your goals, you simply will not achieve the results you want.

So why can’t you eat biscuits for breakfast and snack on low fat/calorie “Slimming” bars all day and expect to lose fat?
Or expect to gain muscle with a piece of toast for breakfast , whilst sipping on mass gainers all day?

Well, because it isn’t food! It’s little more than just sugar.  Empty calories. Would you open the jar next to the tea and coffee and start spooning sugar into your mouth when you get a bit peckish? Supplements are intended to supplement a  diet of actual food, the clue is in the name. You see my point.  Quality BASIC nutrients are what  the body needs.

Most people today lead very hectic lives, so when hunger strikes, grabbing the first thing to hand (usually high fat/sugar/convenient garbage) is understandably  a major factor in the growing obesity problem in this country, not to mention lack of awareness of what we’re putting into our bodies. The key is in the preparation. We’re all busy.  If it were as easy to prepare quality snack and meals as it is to grab a quick butty and a cake at your desk, well everyone would be walking around with a six pack looking like fitness models.  Obviously for the majority of people, the typical goal is to “tone up” or “lose a little weight” but even so, being aware of that you eat is very important.

It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to prepare in advance even with a busy home life and work.

It all depends on how much you really want to make a conscious change. Which is why, as well as physically coaching clients during their workouts at Ollie Lawrence personal Training studio, what’s more important by far is educating and supporting them the whole time they’re away from me, especially when it comes to helping them to stay on track with their food intake. That’s my job. That’s what gets the results.  However it is a two- way deal.  I can give you the tools and all the support in the world, ultimately, you have to take responsibility of what you put in your own mouth. It’s your body, you have complete responsibility for it, no one else.  So it takes a little teamwork.

We keep it simple. Basic macronutrient food  groups. Fuel.

I was so pleased when my seven year old brought home homework of a plate with food divided into groups of Protein, carbohydrates and fats.  It’s great that schools are teaching this at an early age, as I don’t ever remember touching on this topic at Primary School (albeit a long time ago!)

Lastly, I’m sat writing this blog in a rapidly expanding coffee  chain, surrounded by super calorie rich treats and  inviting delights of warm, milky beverages . Most of which racking up worrying  amounts of fat storing wobbliness once ingested.  Especially at this festive time of extra whipped cream with a shot of syrupy  sugariness and chocolate sprinkles…… Remember this  next time you’re  just “nipping for a coffee ”

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