deciding on a new rep range

Deciding on a rep range

Getting your rep ranges spot on can make a massive difference to how well you perform in the gym


Manchester Personal Training

If you’re looking professional personal trainers in Manchester that can help you achieve your goals and get you real results, the team at Ollie Lawrence Personal Training in Manchester can help. Ollie has been running his private personal training gym in Manchester with his team since 2002, and has even made appearances on TV and radio as a leading fitness expert. …


Are we lying about the amount of calories we consume?

If you happened to catch the news yesterday you will have probably heard that Brits, despite supposedly reporting a fall in their calorie intake, are actually somehow getting bigger and bigger as time progresses. How can this be the case? Well the Behavioural Insights Team have concluded that when it comes to honesty, us Brits might have some way to …