Four unique ways to supercharge your fitness regime

If you want to supercharge your fitness regime there are a few things you can do to boost your workout and maximise your results. Here we share four of our favourite (and less obvious) ways to make the most of your routine each time you exercise.

Increase resistance

Whether you want to supercharge a single workout or completely overhaul your regime, adding some kgs to your current set of weights can make a dramatic difference. Each gram intensifies the resistance, in turn giving your existing workout a banging boost. Try adding up to 10kg at a time every two to four weeks for maximum results.

Add completely different exercises

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you work out on a regular basis – doing variations on the same old routines. We’re all guilty of this, as often we simply don’t have the time or the headspace to change things up. It you really want to power up each workout however it’s essential to make frequent changes to your regime. This doesn’t mean swapping a sit up for a crunch – make meaningful alterations to stimulate different muscle groups.

Change up the tempo

Most of us are used to working out in a certain way (as above), at a certain speed. If you tend to do one thing then the other (say cardio, then resistance or strength training) consider alternating throughout the course of your workout rather than addressing each one in set blocks of time. Circuits are a fantastic way to introduce diversity and variation to your workout. You can go from squatting 30kg to running on the spot for 3 minutes – weights to cardio – within seconds. This gives the body a wholesome and holistic workout, with different tempos keeping brain and body stimulated.

Switch up your playlist

Several studies have proven music can dramatically improve any workout. Choose dynamic tracks that really get you going – and don’t be afraid to make several playlists for different moods. The tracks should be individual to you – don’t rely on pre-made playlists that feature music that doesn’t motivate you. High-energy, high-tempo tracks can really supercharge fast-paced cardio workouts, whilst songs with a strong beat can help to power up weight training sessions.

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