Valentine’s Day with a twist!

Valentine’s Day is just five days away and if every other year is anything to go on then my guess is there are plenty of you out there, men and women, who still have absolutely no idea what you are going to do with your better half by the time the 14th rolls around. So I’m sorry singletons, this might not be the most interesting post for you, but for everyone happily in a relationship, why not consider putting a fitness twist on your date for Valentine’s Day?

This can be a dangerous ground. If you know that what your other half wants is flowers, chocolate and a nice slap-up meal then it might not be best to experiment. Better safe than sorry, right? But if you know they find all that a bit clichéd and they love working out as much as you do, then the chances are they will love the fact you have put in a little extra thought.

The perfect gift, dare I say it, is something that you can enjoy using as well. So going for a spa day together is perfect. Not only do you get the chance to kick back and relax but you also reap the rewards of a sauna, swimming pool and a deep tissue massage. They can all help with improving your health and they will definitely get you feeling revitalised and ready to start all the hard work again the following week!

Whoever said that fitness dates cant be romantic? Well if that is true then why do we see the bike ride and a pic-nic scene in at least one rom-com every year? Granted, the emphasis might not be on the physical aspect but it doesn’t have to be ignored. So pack your basket full of the wonderful nutritional snacks that you and your loved one love to eat and take a nice long bike ride to incorporate some of that much needed cardio.

If anyone has seen the first Rocky film then you will know just how romantic a trip to the local ice rink can be. Now, if anyone has seen speed-skating at the Olympics then you will know how just how tiresome it can be too. So my suggestion is to find a balance between the two and take your other half ice skating on Valentine’s Day. You can recreate all the romance from Rocky and still make sure that you are going fast enough to genuinely call it cardio.

So that’s the date sorted. Now comes the even trickier part: the gift. The only thing harder than picking the right gift is being able to tell whether or not the person who you have given it to actually likes it. Most people are too polite to tell you if they hate a gift so most of us walk away thinking we have done a pretty good job. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The same dangers apply here as with dates. If the other person just isn’t as into their fitness as you then buying the wrong gift might just end up offending them. But if you know that your Mr/Mrs Right is as head-over-heels for the gym as she is for you, then there are some good gifts out there.

Anyone who goes to the gym regularly knows that there is always something else you can do with. Whether that means that your trainers are on their last legs, or your bag just isn’t up to the task. Our job is to find out subtly what our dearly beloved wants and try to find the perfect solution. Okay, gifts should be about what you want, not what you need, but the market for health and fitness gifts is huge and it is only getting bigger. You would be silly not to take advantage of that this Valentine’s Day!

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