Sugar…. The latest hot topic in diets

With the discussion on sugar seeming to be across all media platforms these days. I thought I’d blog about my thoughts with regards to it.
Sugar is very dangerous to the body if consumed in high amounts, not only will you gain a lot of extra fat weight but furthermore it can effect your mood levels, your energy levels and ultimately cause serious problems such as Diabetes further down the line.
Currently the governments daily recommended amount of sugar is 90g. However the less you have in the day the better it is for you.
Things that are high in sugar are known as fast release carbohydrates, I’ve spoken about these before (please see previous blog posts) and they can cause Diabetes through energy levels peaking and dropping. Good examples of these are the original fizzy drinks, chocolate and certain deserts, furthermore some of the marketed ‘sports drinks’ are just sagar and water (designed to give you a quick release of energy for a sports match through the high levels of sugar, but they contain sometimes over half of your daily recommended amount of sugar). Drinking high amounts of these drinks that are ultimately marketed to being good for us and being linked to footballers and athletes will eventually give you Diabetes and moreover end up killing you. These drinks in my opinion do a lot more damage than good.
Things that are low in sugar are slow release carbohydrates again I’ve blogged about these in the past and they help to keep your energy levels nice and level throughout the day. Good examples of these are whole grains, natural whole foods such as nuts, seeds, oats and cottage cheese.
People don’t realise what’s in their food these days as I was having a discussion with one of my clients that the food manufactures have made if increasingly hard and confusing for people to know what to look for. My better half pointed out the other day that there are over 10g of sugar in a tin of tomatoes, would you have guessed that?
Certain foods such as green apples and kiwi’s have natural sugar which aren’t that high and can help other areas of your ‘total lifestyle’ such as PH balance (acid/alkaline balance). In my opinion the positives for the PH balance outweigh the negatives of the sugar intake. Fruits are all natural sugars therefore I’d advise having as many as poss… Stick towards the green though for PH balance. The only fruit I’d advise to stay away from is bananas because of their high (GI) levels (please see previous blog post on The glycemic index).
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