Detox – what exactly is it?

Now Christmas and New Year is out of the way you might hear everyone talking about doing a full body detox throughout January, but what does this really consist of? This is very popular with many individuals as they want to reset their bodies going into a new year. Many people think that a body detox is as simple as stopping drinking alcohol and drinking more water, however there is more science to it then that.

If your drinking more water then your about 1/3 of the way there to a detox!

As I previously stated, to keep yourself hydrated and rid acid within your body you must drink about 2.5-3 litres of water every day (roughly 0.5 litres per 35lb of body weight), not only will this improve concentration levels and make you feel more alert but it will help you lose weight in the process, after all 80{e247ef2f99dfc0bc75e074b1ac933c200478cf8913d2da2bbe9d5daddf1eb195} of our bodies are made up from water!

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When we are talking about acid we are referring to toxins and poisons in the body, these are things that aren’t natural and that are considered foreign bodies. Acid enters the body in a number of different ways, from food and drink, to injecting and absorbing things through the skin.

It’s great that you’ve decide to drink more water to help get rid of some of the toxins within your body but to do a full body detox, this takes about 12 weeks and there is a lot more science behind it then just simply drinking more water and having less alcohol. A full body detox consists of changing your body’s PH level from acidic 0-6 PH level to alkaline 8-14 PH. To do this you need to be eating and drinking more alkaline foods and drinks, whilst staying away from acidic elements whilst keeping yourself 100{e247ef2f99dfc0bc75e074b1ac933c200478cf8913d2da2bbe9d5daddf1eb195} hydrated.

Good examples of alkaline foods are leafy greens such as spinach, kale, rocket and coriander, by adding these types of foods along with fruits such as pineapple, kiwi and oranges, you will see a difference in a better PH balance of the body. Regulating your bodies PH levels starts from the moment you start introducing these types of food and fruit into your diet, however like anything you need to stick with it and make this a lifestyle change and not just a one off to see the full benefits of doing a full body detox.

Ultimately you will lose weight by getting rid of any acid and furthermore any unwanted water retention by changing your PH levels to alkaline, when working with my current clients, I’ve had some varying results during the initial detox programme, however all of my clients have lost weight, some have lost anywhere from 4-11 lbs in their first week.

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