What changes can I make for 2016?

It’s coming to that time of year where we all start trying to sum up how 2015 went for us. If you have recorded well over the past year then you might know exactly how much weight you have lost, how much muscle you have gained, or by how much your PBs have improved. But there will be some people who won’t feel quite so positive about the last 12 months and they will be racking their brains for new things to try in 2016. 

If you have been dedicated to one type of training during 2015 and it just isn’t working, then it is time to shake it up. Adding variety is essential throughout a training regime but don’t worry if you have been stuck in a rut. There are plenty of others out there who are putting in the time and not seeing the results they want either.

The good thing about a New Year is that you can view it as a time to wipe the slate clean and try something different. And there are plenty of things going on in the industry that you can try.

If you are guilty of spending too much time with the weights and not enough doing cardio, then that might be your problem right there. If you are disappointed that your body doesn’t look like you want it to, it could be because you aren’t allowing for any aerobic exercise. And cardio isn’t just running on treadmills. There are all sorts of ways to make sure that you complete enough HIIT every week. Whether that means you start some circuit training, or you start a new sport that you enjoy.

I’ve spoken about wearable technology a few times this year, and now is the perfect time to get it. Why not add something to your Christmas list so that you have something new to try in January. The truth is that this looks like the way that fitness is going, so we might just be putting off the inevitable without getting involved.

I can’t emphasise enough how important your diet is to your physical fitness. It’s quite possible that you are doing all the right things in the gym, as well as balancing work with leisure and getting plenty of sleep. But all of that is irrelevant if what you are doing in the kitchen is sabotaging everything else.

That is why getting yourself a personal trainer might be the most important decision you make in 2016. It isn’t just a case of having someone in the gym to bounce off, personal trainers invest time into every aspect of your life. With this level of help you can make sure that you are doing the right things in the gym, eating the right stuff in the kitchen and recording everything so that you know where you need to improve.

You might even choose to send your physical fitness down a whole new path and completely transform your training methods. The rise in popularity of things such as yoga and pilates makes this more feasible now than ever before. You can even opt for bodyweight exercises by trying out something like CrossFit.

Whatever you decide to do in 2016, just make sure it is for the right reasons. You don’t need to go round changing things for the sake of it because the New Year is here. But if your workouts could do with a good shake-up, now is the perfect time.

Ollie Lawrence
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