How to build bigger arms

Looking to build bigger arms? There are quite a few dos and don’ts to consider before you get started. Here we share a few of our favourite tips to help you bulk up and trim down with a diverse diet and expert training tips.

Up your calorie intake

This applies when building any muscle group – so if you want to bulk up arms load up your meals and supplement with snacks. The average male will need to consume around 3000 calories per day – even more if you know you have a fast metabolism. Refuel frequently with good quality, balanced nutrition, opting for complex carbs, vitamin-rich veggies and plenty of protein.

Increase your weight load

When it comes to bulking up on the arms it’s not just the type of lifts you’re doing – it’s the size of the lift – and size = strength. Start gradually upping your weight load from whatever it is now to 50-100% more than the current number to see a noticeable difference within a few weeks.

Ensure you’re getting adequate rest

Rest is vitally important when building muscle. Many make the common mistake of overtraining, which actually hinders your progress. Remember that the muscles in your arms are relatively small, so be sure to give them a break in-between workouts to give them the chance to repair and grow.

Accurately and regularly track progress

If you’re just looking at your arms in the mirror every day post-workout you’re unlikely to be able to properly see how far you’ve come. Take out a tape measure and weigh yourself every two weeks. This enables you to see where you may be making gains and where your routine may need to be tweaked or adapted to get better results. Be careful not to measure up too frequently (hourly or daily, for example) – as this can give an inaccurate result.

Change up your lifting routine

It might seem logical at first to start with bicep curls and tricep extensions. But in fact it’s better to also concentrate on free weight exercises and heavier lifts. Make sure your routine is varied and balance to hit all muscle groups, even if your main focus is on the arms.

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