4 things to look for when choosing gym gear

Whilst many focus on the what, where and why of working out, the truth is that what you wear to the gym does have an impact on your performance. Here we share four key things to look for when choosing gym gear.


Comfort is our number one criteria – and understandably so. Without comfort you can’t perform at your best, as you’ll be distracted by leggings that are too tight, a top that rubs under your arms or pants that are constantly falling down. Choose softer fabrics and select gym wear based on your preferences – if you like loose, flowing garments, go with that. Feel better in shorts and a t-shirt? Are vests your thing? Go with what you know and like and feel comfortable with.


Breathability is key – as naturally our bodies heat up as we exercise. Breathable clothing ensures that a consistent body temperature is maintained throughout your workout and afterwards, aiding performance and recovery. Clothing that prevents sweat build up is also preferable, as this stops the body from cooling to quickly, tightening muscles, over-stretching tendons and sending the body into a state of shock. Choose tops with micro-ventilation panels and breathable leggings, trousers and shorts.


If you’ve ever tried stretching in gym gear that isn’t flexible, you’ll know that the risk of a large tear appearing in your pants far outweighs any focus on your exercise routine. Whatever brand or style you choose, make sure you choose a good fit and ensure that the clothing you buy is flexible enough to move with you.


Good quality gym gear can be expensive – but there is plenty of clothing out there with high costs and few benefits attached. It’s important to do your research before you buy and if possible feel the fabrics and try on in person.

Ollie Lawrence
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