5 ways to motivate yourself for winter workouts

As winter draws closer, finding the motivation to workout gets harder. When it’s cold and dark outside the last thing most people feel like doing is donning fitness gear and heading out into the elements to the gym or for an outdoor workout. It’s dark when you leave for work and return home. The rain is horrendous, the wind is biting. You can’t face leaving the house, so you stay at home instead.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Here we’ve compiled some of our strongest strategies to share with you, from fresh exercise ideas to motivation and nutrition tips.

Change up your routine

A change in routine is a positive thing to do on a regular basis – as it keeps your body guessing and ensures you work a variety of different muscle groups. If you’re used to an early morning run but finish work in the afternoon, try running after work whilst it’s still light. If you know you won’t be heading out as much, why not switch up your routine to include one longer or higher intensity workout as opposed to several smaller ones throughout the week?

Head indoors

In the summertime it’s great to get out and about and attend boot-camps and runs outdoors. But as winter creeps closer the prospect of heading outside becomes increasingly less attractive. If you’re used to exercising outdoors research indoor options now to see how you can switch up your current schedule of activities. If you’re used to boot-camps, try circuits and aerobics clubs. You may like to join a pay-as-you-go gym temporarily to cover the colder months.

Reward yourself

In winter it’s a smart idea to set up a realistic reward system to serve as additional motivation – and because you deserve it! Try to avoid food rewards – although healthy treats can count as part of a balanced daily diet. Instead focus on life’s little pleasures – like a nice-scented luxurious body wash to enjoy when you have a hot bath or shower post-workout, or a tasty herbal tea to warm you up after your run.

Find new ways to motivate

Motivation is key when it comes to fitness – especially when you’re struggling to find the inspiration and energy to get moving. Music, pace of workout, having a personal trainer on board and establishing new fitness targets or goals can all be great motivators. Also remember how beneficial exercise is. It strengthens your body, boosts your immune system and lifts your mood – all things that need special attention during winter.

Invest in new gear

If you’re going to be working out in the cold, it’s really important to wear appropriate clothing. If you aren’t adequately dressed it could impact upon your results – or make you feel unwell. Shivering burns vital energy and impairs your immune response – so it’s important to stay warm. Kit yourself out with specialist clothing made from intelligent fabrics such as Goretex designed to keep you warm whilst remaining breathable and wicking away sweat.

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