Kerri Parker Miss United Kingdom

We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of Kerri Parker as she goes forward with her campaign to win another Miss United Kingdom.

Kerri Parker left her career in the armed forces where she served as a medic whilst studying to become a DR to pursue a modelling career, thinking it was something to enjoy whilst she was young. Needless to say, Kerri found the experience completely different compared to hat she thought would of happened. Kerri quickly won many national and international pageant titles starting in 2003, she travelled the world as well as becoming a well known model, being used on countless front covers of publications as such FHM and Vogue, furthermore appearing in Britain’s Next Top Model TV show and becoming a top swimwear model too.

Having spent over a decade in the industry, Kerri can boast about living in London and Hollywood, appearing in blockbuster movies such as Batman, The Bourne films, Robinhood and many more. Kerri has also been the official body double for celebs such as Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, and Liz Hurley – so keeping in shape is very important for her! More recent body double roles include work as a bond girl in the latest Bond film.

Due to these roles fitness and nutrition is very important to Kerri and she recently became a personal trainer and nutritionist to help others stay in shape as well as working on her own results. Having lived between the UK and Los Angeles Kerri also spent 3 years as one of the girls of the Playboy Mansion which was an incredible experience to see what it was like to live as a Playboy Bunny and the prestige in Hollywood that came with it – with red carpet events and premieres!

These days Kerri trains as a Hollywood stunt double, and was recently filming fight scenes in the new Tombraider. With 25 years of martial arts, European medals and white collar boxing fights her speciality will be fighting but she also trains heavily in gymnastics, trampolining and scuba diving to meet the Hollywood movie credentials for various roles. Kerri is often seen training 5 hours a day and health and fitness is her passion. This led to her opening The Wellness Studios Norwich which is now branching around the UK including at our very own Ollie Lawrence Personal Training studio here in Manchester!

2016 saw Kerri crowned Miss UK, Ms United Kingdom, Ms Inspiration UK, Ms British Empire as UK crowns plus she represented the UK in several international competitions such as Tropic Beauty USA, Swimsuit USA (the most prestigious swimwear competition in the world) and she also beat off 300 American girls to win USA Bikini Team.

Kerri is now going for her next Miss United Kingdom title and will be competing in August 2017 in Manchester, helping several charities as part of the cause, including Brain Tumour Research, a charity very close to her heart after previously being a brain cancer sufferer herself.

Everyone here at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer are pleased to announce our sponsorship with Kerri and look forward to supporting her through her next chapter in her adventure and look forward to building a successful partnership with herself.

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