Assault courses and fitness races

Maybe it has been a result of the television successes like Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout, or maybe it has something to do with us becoming more health conscious as a society, but one thing we can say for sure is that assault courses are becoming more and more popular. This means that more and more of us are experiencing fitness races and putting the work we do in the gym into practice. 

Tough Mudder is the one that you have probably heard about and the concept is fantastic. It’s no overstatement to say that the challenge has really become a phenomenon for fitness lovers around the world. The emphasis is on teamwork. It’s up to you whether you want to think of it as a challenge or a race. If you aren’t bothered about setting the best time then your focus is on mastering each challenge in the most efficient way. But trying to find someone at these things that doesn’t have a competitive edge can be as difficult as the course itself! So you will probably want to know your time either way.

The question is whether or not anyone can do this, regardless of their fitness level. Well a lot of it depends on the team of course. If you get together a group of your strongest and fittest mates then it is probably going to be easier for you. But the idea that you can just turn up on the day and be able to complete the course with ease is obviously nonsense. I mean, you wouldn’t turn up for the London Marathon without training, would you?

None of this means that you have to look like a 1980’s Stallone or Schwarzenegger to stand any chance of getting through the course though. As with a lot of things, it’s about you. If you are committed and determined enough then that will take you a long way. The fact that you are there with a team makes a huge difference too. If you fail, you don’t just fail yourself. What’s more, you’ve got your closest friends there to pick you up and give you a helping hand when you need it the most.

But none of that will do all of the hard work for you. You need the tools to succeed and in this case your body is the main weapon that you possess. But just like training for a marathon, you can slowly progress your workouts and plan months in advance. This isn’t something that you should probably jump straight into at short notice, unless you are a seasoned veteran of course.

Tough Mudder isn’t the only option either. A wide range of assault courses and fitness races are becoming common sight across the UK now. If crawling through the mud and over obstacles doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then have a look around and see what else is on offer.

Let’s just hope the weather is good enough this summer wherever you live to provide you with the opportunity you need to get out and get active!

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