4 Exercises for Strength Training

We would all love to have elaborately designed training schedules that allow us to get an immaculate body. Let’s face facts though, often that can take both time and money, that we don’t have.

If you happen to have an almost perfect program, then you might not find this useful. This is designed for those who have too many commitments to get to the gym 5 days a week – those people who want strength and size, but don’t have the time to commit.

If you can only dedicate a small period of time to the gym, you want to make sure that this time is invested wisely. These 4 exercises I’m going to talk about can offer variations that will allow you to build yourself a training program.

So let’s look at the exercises:

  • Dead Lifts

The dead lift is probably the simplest movement you will use in any workout, but luckily for us, it isn’t the easiest. If it was just a case of picking the weight up off the floor, then it might be considered easy, but there’s a difference between that and dead lifting correctly.

This is a traditional case of ‘quality, not quantity’. You need to make sure that your entire body is correctly set up, from your head, through your core and down into your legs. To perform dead lifts correctly, each aspect must be set up correctly.

Just spending months on perfecting your technique with dead lifts will help increase your strength and your size.

  • Dips

Dips focus more on your upper body and will help you to build your chest and triceps. The good thing about dips are that you can vary them so easily. For example putting a weight around your neck will allow you to vary the intensity of your dip.

Dips also help to increase flexibility, which is why they allow you to build thick muscle, which provides you with extra strength. Similarly to dead lifts, if you commit to producing a high quality dip, you will notice a real amount of progress, without even changing your program.

  • Front squats

Front squats are one of the most powerful exercises you will do, and allow you to work the front of your legs, particularly your quads, more so than just sticking to dead lifts.

Again they require flexibility, particularly in your ankles, in order to perform the exercise correctly. Because front squats force you to thrust, they open up your rib cage and help improve your posture.

All these exercises are working your core as well, and that is key. Without strong abdominals it’s unlikely you will be able to perform these exercises correctly, and will then struggle to get stronger.

  • Chin Ups

Essentially this includes any variation of pulling yourself up to a bar. By varying the methods you will be working different parts of your body, particularly your biceps and deltoids.

The reason these exercises are so effective is because they are so simple. What they’re doing is using a range of muscles, allowing you to increase your total strength.

Now obviously, if you go to the gym most days, you should be doing more exercises. But if you work a lot, or you study, and you can’t get to the gym frequently, these exercises are ideal.

Say you can only go to the gym twice a week? Well a day of dead lifts and dips, followed by a day of front squats and chin ups, will be ideal. You can just focus on doing these exercises to a near perfect standard, and you will build a great body.

This workout can work for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to body build, or if you just want to get stronger. You can vary the frequency, intensity and your periods of rest to make the exercises suit you.


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