Diet Pills & Dinitrophenol (DNP)

If you managed to catch the news this morning you may have heard the shocking story involving a British 21 year old girl, Eloise Aimee Parry, who sadly passed away after extensively using the drug dinitrophenol, also known as DNP, to help aid weight loss. The result of this was the International Criminal Police Organisation (ICPO) raising alerts to police services in 190 countries as to the dangers that DNP presents. 

The use of DNP as a diet pill goes all the way back to the 1930s but today there is no government in the world that encourages its usage. In fact, people who access this drug are doing so illegally on the internet. But are people taking the necessary precautions? The simple answer is no. The necessary precaution would be to avoid DNP at all costs, especially now that we are hearing about the fatalities that it can cause.

And even if this doesn’t kill you, users are experiencing over-heating, breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, fever, nausea and vomiting. So after all that, who is still using this stuff? Well the first group of people that are being targeted are young overweight women. If they think that they need to lose weight quickly then they are turning to DNP. And the other major group of users are bodybuilders. After building muscle some athletes want to strip away fat as quickly and as easily as possible.

Every sensible advisory body in the world tell us not to touch DNP and go as far as to say it is not suitable for human consumption. Add that to the fact that police networks all over the world are trying to stop the movement and use of DNP then you really would have to be out of your right mind to go anywhere near it!

But this is one drug. What about all the others out there that are perfectly legal and sold in our supermarkets everyday? Weight loss drugs, anti-obesity medication, diet pills, call it what you like, it is easier to get now than ever before and people are buying it in huge numbers.

You hear the word medication and you instantly think that this stuff must be beneficial, right? The truth is we don’t have anywhere near a full understanding of what these drugs do to us. And yet hundreds, if not thousands, of them exist and are being sold each and everyday.

The way they work is fairly simple. Without being too scientific, they are basically either having an impact on your appetite or the way in which calories are absorbed. The thing is that you can impact your appetite without using artificially manufactured substances. Diet pills are just an unnecessary alternative to a healthy lifestyle.

I can understand why people choose to use these things, of course. In a lot of cases they help people and that means that they have great advocates. The fact still remains that there is nothing that a diet pill can do for you that you cannot achieve with the right information and some old fashioned hard work!

These companies market the products to attract the vulnerable in society who feel there is no other option. This in itself is a disgrace. Whatever your physical condition, a strong health regime is always the best option. And as for bodybuilders who opt for diet pills – what ever happened to a good old fashioned cut?

You never have to rely on diet pills, whatever these companies might say.

Ollie Lawrence
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