Brilliant fitness gifts this Christmas!

If we are anything alike then this year you would have planned to do all your Christmas shopping when the sales hit back in January. But if you really are like me then that plan will have failed miserably and you will have realised that December began this week and you have barely even started buying gifts. Well never fear; there are still 3 weeks until the big day, which gives you plenty of time to stock up on presents for all of your loved ones! 

Instead of giving someone something that will either be going straight back to the shop on Boxing Day, or locked away in a cupboard until you next visit, why not try to give somebody a gift they could really do with? With the health and fitness industry growing rapidly year on year, there is now a massive market for fitness related gifts. What’s even better is a lot of them are available at really reasonable prices and you could actually picture people using them on a regular basis.

Let’s start with earphones. Music is the perfect training partner for cardio enthusiasts and weightlifters alike. But the traditional set aren’t always the most practical. Luckily for us there are so many variants out there designed to combat all possible problems. So why not treat someone to a set of waterproof earphones so they don’t have to worry about running outside with them in, or how much they sweat? Wireless earphones are another great present that eliminate all the messing around with untangling wires when all you want to do is get on with your workout.

Then you have food and drink options. If you know somebody is dedicated to their health and fitness then what they eat and drink is going to be massively important to them. So whether it is finding out what your partner’s favourite protein pancake flavour is, or which of their favourite snacks needs topping up, there are plenty of options out there. For drinks you could think about replacing somebody’s well used bottle. You could even get them an upgrade by taking advantage of products out there that have facilities ranging from a container for protein powder, to a smoothie maker that blends straight into the bottle.

Another thing that all gym goers need is someway to carry all their belongings to and from the place where they workout. And gym bags have become a real fashion item in recent years so there is plenty to choose from. They vary from your standard duffle bag to bags that are specifically designed to carry any equipment that you might need. You can even turn some of your equipment into a bag now too. I’m sure you’ve noticed the people who have detachable handles that attach around their yoga mats!

Monthly subscriptions can be a really unique product and they show that you have really thought about what you are buying. And there is no end to the amount of things you can subscribe to. You can sign someone up to receive monthly editions of their favourite fitness magazine, or even get them a fitness product sample box that is produced based on what they want and don’t want.

Even if you have a friend that isn’t interested in keeping fit, your gift might be the exact sort of motivation that they need to make that positive change come the New Year. Be careful though, buying someone a gym membership can sometimes offend, much like when somebody is bombarded with deodorant in their present pile each year.

So if you are stuck for something to get this year for a loved one, try turning to the health and fitness world. It’s full of amazing gifts for reasonable prices.

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