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Ollie is now speaking to the nation

Recently Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester has been on the BBC 5 live breakfast radio show with Rachael Burnden and Tony Livsey speaking to the nation about health and fitness. Ollie of Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester was asked to give his views on a new scientific fitness test that was invented by Norwegian scientists designed to give us a better idea of how fit we are and what challenges we may face later in life due to the results of these tests.

Ollie was asked to put Tony Livsey through his paces live on air! All in all, you’ll be pleased to hear that Tony wasn’t in that bad condition apart from problems with his sit and reach test (flexibility and ultimately circulation).

The interview was a bit rough and ready as Ollie was live on air at 6.55am and the news was needed at 7am, with 3 exercises plus feedback needed to be given in 5 minutes. Out of all of the personal trainers in Manchester, Ollie was asked for his opinion, again being trusted with giving information to national radio, demonstrating his knowledge and highly sought after reputation.

You can listen below to how it went on the day and to find out more information about our personal training by calling 07540 135814


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