Cash for Kids – Official drop-off location!

As the festive period fast approaches everyone at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer is reminded of Key 103’s Cash for Kids and the remarkable work that they do. And it’s for that reason that we are proud to be an official drop off location again this year.

So what does Cash for Kids do? Well, unsurprisingly the name kind of gives it away. It’s all about raising money to help young people in our communities that may otherwise go unfed, unclothed or unwashed. Wherever there is a child in need, Cash for Kids are there to lend a helping hand. And it’s only through the generosity of others that this is possible.

There’s so much that we can all do to help. The charity relies on donations, and whether this is a regular amount or just a one-off donation, it really makes a difference. But can we be even more creative with how we help?

Getting your own fundraising pack is easy (and I’ll make it even easier by leaving links at the end of this post). Once you have that you are ready to get as creative as you like.

Just think about what you do in the gym or whatever it is outside of the gym that you are training for. Do you run marathons? Do you play sports? Do you lift weights? Almost anything that we do can be turned into a fundraising event. How many rows can you do in an hour? How far can you run in the same time? Could you even do a triathlon in the gym?

Look, all of these ideas are fairly simple and I’m sure they’ve all been done before. The question is can you think of something that hasn’t!? That is what will really make a difference.

So you’ve got your fundraising pack and you’ve got a great idea in mind. What’s the next step? Shout about it! Tell everyone at school, everyone at home, everyone at work. Put it on Twitter, put it on Facebook, put it on Snapchat. If you’re going through all the hard work to raise as much money as you can then you want to know as many people as possible know about it so that you can raise even more.

It might sound cliche but any contribution is massive. So if you have the time or a small amount of spare cash then we at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer and the amazing guys and girls at Cash for Kids would love for you to do whatever you can. And don’t forget to let us know all about it on social media. We want to help spread the message wherever we can!

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