A big welcome to personal training apprentice Andy Hughes !

Ollie Lawrence Personal Training is proud to announce that Andrew Hughes will be joining his personal training team as of March 2014. Andy has always been in and around gyms having trained since the age of 18, previously he has helped out friends and family with their training goals and it was an obvious choice to become a personal trainer and use his talents towards a future career. Ollie has taken Andy on as an intern student and Andy is currently undertaking his full personal training qualifications with the guidance and supervision of Ollie.

Ollie is always available to help out dedicated and driven trainers, he has seen talented trainers fail within this industry because they haven’t put the ground work in on how to run a profitable business. For every successful personal trainer in Denton and surrounding areas, there are many that  are qualified but haven’t made a career out of it.

With the increased trait in obesity and dangerous diseases being directly linked to a lack of physical exercise, personal training is an industry that is ever expanding!

Andy  has the work rate that Ollie looks for with trainers that succeed within this industry and he’s been working on an intern basis at the gym recently and has learned a lot from his time working alongside Ollie.

Since Andy started working at the gym, he’s gone from lacking in confidence and experience of training people one on one, to starting to grow into a great knowledgeable trainer. His nutrition expertise levels have developed beyond recognition, now understanding the acid/alkaline detoxification process and the science behind food groups and what part they play on the body.

Moreover Ollie has taught Andy a lot of nutrition planning that he’s previously used with his professional athletes. Andy has taken this on board and has started using these methods within his own diet, pictures will be added online at the end of a full 12 week period.

Find out how Ollie or Andy can help you achieve your health and fitness goals now by either phoning 0161 399 00 77 alternatively please see

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