Tracey Finder

Ollie Lawrence

I have been training with Becky at The PT Factory now for about 6 months now. Between juggling my life being a busy working mum and working full time, I found it difficult to get the motivation and the time to fit in going to the gym.

I now have found that motivation in Becky, shes a personable character who makes training fun and different whilst still being challenging.

Despite the fact it is hard work and I ache after, I have never skipped a session or made an excuse not to exercise and I actually look forward to going, what’s more is that I’m still here 6 months later and loving the new healthier and fitter me.

In a short space of time I have seen great results not only in my personal fitness but also in my body shape. I have literally lost inches ..and I’ve dropped a size and a half, all my friends and family we commenting on how good I look, especially this new ‘glow’ I’ve got.

I cannot recommend The PT Factory enough and especially Becky, I’m so happy I found you… thanks for everything.

Tracey Finder