Sammie Neale

Ollie Lawrence

“After 3 months of training I felt in the best condition I’ve ever been in…”
I had always been an avid gym goer but I wasn’t clued up with a healthy diet and different methods of training, so i decided to use Andy’s experience to help me achieve the extra gains I was looking for, He didn’t let me down! Previous to meeting Andy I had only ever stuck to doing the same sort of training week in and week out, it had become mundane and boring, being a chore rather than me enjoying it.

After the first month of training with Andy I had learnt different types of circuits, learnt about different phases of training, and realised that with his help I could reach the maximum potential I have. Very quickly I noticed a difference in my body shape.

After 3 months of training I felt in the best condition I’ve ever been in, I was super fit, fueling my body with healthy and nutritious food and loving training again.

Andy designed a specific diet plan specifically for me and the goals I wanted to reach, the training was intense but Andy is there every step of the way guiding you through it, both in teaching and emotional support. Andy comes highly recommend as a personal trainer to anyone looking to work hard and get the best results possible. Overall a first class service from a first class guy!!