Ryan Hamlett

Ollie Lawrence

“After the 1st month I’d lost all the extra body fat I had on me and cut down to about 8% body fat…”
I’ve been training with Andy for close to 5 months now and seen crazy results. We started off on a fat lost program while we started to find out where our body’s were at physically. After the 1st month id lost all the extra body fat I had on me and cut down to about 8% body fat, while progressing on strength training using the weights.

We then started a carb cycling program which didn’t work for me so I went to a clean bulk to get a bit bigger and stronger and the results from my lifting were massive. I wasn’t gaining that much visible weight but was feeling a lot stronger and feeling better.

I’ve just started a 10 week cut that will allow me to get to a low body fat again before my holiday while still maximising the strength that I have developed.

Andy is very good at changing up the workouts so the body isn’t getting used to the same work outs week in and out. He is able to encourage and aid you to get the max out of your sessions and always makes you feel good after a hard session. His knowledge of nutrition is excellent and you will always get an answer to any problems you have with diet and is good at assessing what is working for you personally and what to stay away from. With all the previous said, it also shows that Andy is adaptable to different people and their phases of training.
Highly recommend!