Ivan Ruggles

Ollie Lawrence

I’ve been training with Ollie for over 2 years and still continue to learn new and interesting information about my health and fitness. I came to Ollie originally to gain some muscle size and reduce my body fat, as I hadn’t exercised properly in 3-4 years since completing university, furthermore I had a long term lower back injury that used to hinder my life considerably. I’m like most people, regularly attending the gym for many years, but without any proper knowledge of what I was actually doing.

Within minutes of meeting Ollie and speaking with him with regards to his training ideas and methodology, I knew he was the right man for me to work with. Ollie is an exceptional trainer and his enthusiasm, desire, planning and organisation are exceptional, along with a very solid nutritional and exercise knowledge base.

Originally I may have been a bit naive when I was researching a personal trainer to work with. I was expecting to find a person who is highly qualified and knows what they are doing. Ollie is all that and so much more! He is highly skilled, he supports, teaches and mentors all of his clients on an individual level, and you can really see that personal training is his passion. He always has a cheerful manner to his training approach, which in turn motivates me as a client.

Since first contacting Ollie, I’ve added 2 stone (28lbs) of muscle, reduced my body fat to lowest its ever been to around 12% and moreover cured my long term back injury. However. the most important thing is Ollie makes the whole experience fun and I look forward to every session as two sessions are never the same. As I spend most of the day looking after others it is great when I can leave most of thinking to him. Ollie has a very loyal long term client base and I am proud to say I am part of that. If you looking for a professional, personable personal trainer that get results, Ollie is your man. Give him a call today you wont be disappointed.