Anna Lidl

Ollie Lawrence

I would highly recommend The PT Factory, since joining it has changed my life in a number of positive ways.

I plucked up the courage to contact Ollie about some personal training sessions and at the time was very nervous about going to a gym, as I’d had previously bad experiences before, now I couldn’t be happier. Ollie put me in touch with Becky.

Becky is very friendly, personable and
welcoming, each session is different and motivating. You can see the dedication she has for her job. I never thought I would like going to a gym, let alone be able to use half the equipment and keep motivated but those fears have long become a myth. I’ve lost 3 stone, my blood pressure has improved significantly and I’m generally a much more positive happier person, I can’t believe the change in me, what a difference a year makes.

Thanks Becky